Курсы русского языка для иностранцев - Russian language for foreign students

We are delighted you are interested in our Russian language school and hope we can help you make the right choice of Russian language courses in Russia.

We are pleased to offer you one of the best Russian language schools in St-Petersburg.

Close collaboration with the museum and the care and attention given to students who study Russian language in our school by our qualified and experienced teaching staff contribute to the friendly and creative atmosphere of learning Russian language and penetrating into Russian culture and Russian language.

Our experienced and friendly staff of native-speakers can help you with your Russian visa, accommodation, bank account, academic matters and any problems students may face in St.-Petersburg while learning Russian language in Russia.

We would be delighted to welcome you to Saint-Petersburg that is considered to be the cultural capital of Russia and provide Russian language courses in Russia.

Russian language has always been one of the widely spoken languages not only in Russia but in the whole world. According to the recent researches, with more than 500 million Russian-language speakers, it is the world third most commonly spoken language after Chinese (more than 1 billion speakers) and English (750 million). It is one of the official or working languages in many international organizations.

More and more students learn Russian language as the second foreign language. A great deal of economists, managers, lawyers, people of art, and those who take part in different international projects and have international contacts show their interest in Russian language, Russian culture and Russia itself. And although the number of specialized Russian language courses and Russian language schools is constantly increasing all over the world more and more people prefer to study Russian in Russia. It's widely accepted that the best way to master the language is to visit the country where it is spoken as the first language. Thus learning Russian language in Russia is without any doubts the best decision. With ceaseless communication with Russian native-speakers on the wide range of topics you'll learn Russian language in Russia in an easy and natural way. Russian in Russia is the best choice!

The students taking Russian Language courses range from their teens to 70s and come from round the world. They include university students who study Russian language at the Universities in their home countries, business people (expatriates including) who need Russian language for business and work, and others simply come here for the love of Russian language and culture.

We welcome students of different cultural backgrounds thus creating vibrant and multicultural atmosphere. We accept students willing to study Russian language in Russia from more than 15 countries, mostly from European countries, Japan and the USA.

All our students receive a certificate upon successful course completion which states the level of Russian language proficiency according to the European common framework of languages and course length.

The academic staff at the Russian Language School is a team of highly motivated teachers, University graduates who hold professional Russian language teaching qualifications. They have gained wealth of experience from teaching Russian as a foreign language in Russian universities as well as abroad. Besides they have been recruited for teaching at our Russian language programmes for their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication.

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